Leather Care

Treating & Cleaning Leather Affects Color!

Leather is a natural product that comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and textures. The way your leather looks is determined by many factors including the type of hide, the tanning process, and whether it has been dyed or treated in some fashion by the final manufacturer. As such, it is very difficult to predict exactly how a particular leather may react to being cleaned, oiled, or treated. In almost all cases you can expect some change in color and possibly texture when you treat or clean your leather. Because of this, if you are treating at home, always make certain you test your treatment in a small, discrete area BEFORE treating your entire piece. Once treated, you will not be able to reverse the process! If you are taking your item to a professional leather cleaner, they should provide a similar warning that treatment may alter the color and texture so be aware of this. Finally, if you are treating matching items, make sure you have them cleaned and treated at the same time to keep them matched -- treating them at different times may result in a mismatched set! When you use any leather treatment you can expect color changes to some extent depending on the above factors so treat with care and always test first.