Leather Care

About Soft Textured Leathers Like Suede, Nubuck, and Shearling Lambskin

Soft textured leathers like suede and shearling lambskin are magnificent to touch and feel, unfortunately, they are also extremely difficult to clean and protect. Your best treatment for cleaning suede and soft textured leathers is a suede brush which will have short, bristled, fine wire teeth. Brush carefully and only when the leather is dry so you don't affect the nap of the leather. Stains are a challenge since you can't use any liquid cleaners without affecting the texture and possibly "matting" the finish. Try rubbing some cornmeal gently into the stain to absorb it and use your suede brush to remove it. Obenauf's Leather Oil and LP are not appropriate for these textured leathers since any oil-type treatment is going to affect the texture adversely. You can use Obenauf's Watershield as a waterproofing agent (be sure to test in a discrete area first) but the inability to restore the natural oils of the leather is problematic. Your best approach to extend the life of these fabulous leathers is to use them sparingly and store them carefully to ensure years of use.