Leather Care

About Smooth Lambskin

Lambskin can be found in "smooth" and "shearling" varieties - the shearling is a soft, napped leather similar to suede and the smooth is a fine grained, finished leather. Smooth lambskin is extremely popular in leather stores because of its extraordinary feel and softness. Unfortunately, the durability of lambskin is not as high as that of many other leathers because it is relatively thin. This can result in a tendency to scuff, scratch, and even rip easily. If you are looking for a garment for more formal or dressy occasions, lambskin is a great choice, but if you are looking for something more durable for daily use, motorcycle riding, etc. it is not recommended. Treat it carefully because lambskin is delicate. In some cases you may wish to have it professionally treated rather than trying to waterproof it yourself since an even application is important. Always test first in a discrete area to make sure you are pleased with the effect and follow the manufacturer's care instructions in case it has special needs. With proper care and storage your lambskin should last a long, long time.